Dana finds art to be a positive way to understand, and learn about the world around her. She was raised with two creative older siblings, a Writer and an Art Teacher. Always trying to find ways to connect with them, she found her own place in the creative world.

Throughout her college career, she learned many different creative approaches. She was most comfortable working with paint at first, however, her love for video games and animation have pushed her to explore creating digitally as well. She went to Westchester Community College to study Visual Arts, where she learned sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, drawing, and painting. She then transferred to Mercy College to study Animation and Design, where she learned design, animation, 3d modelling, and motion graphics.

Dana believes that the most important quality of art is the way it brings people together, to learn from each other, and to express themselves with each other. She is currently employed at Smith and Warren Badge Company as a 2D/3D Artist.